Нанесение надписи или рисунка на стекло.

Drawing of the inscription or picture on glass by the method of Edd China.



A few days ago, on my YouTube channel I announced a little contest. I asked: “How to use the most primitive tools, put a hard-to-remove inscription on the window glass?”.

In this article I will explain the principle of this method, and, in the attached video, I will show how to make such an inscription. Let’s get started!

Important note: This method is not invented by me. My friend told me about this method, and then I saw it in the TV series “Wheelers Dealers” on Discovery Channel.

So, what do we need to put an inscription or a picture on the glass?

Materials and tools.

  1. A piece of sheet glass.
  2. Paper stencil. You can print the stencil on the printer and cut out the contour.
  3. Glue for paper.
  4. A sharp knife or a scalpel.
  5. Angle grinder.
  6. Grinding wheel. Its granularity can be selected experimentally.
  7. A piece of iron rod or a long steel bolt.
  8. Protective goggles and hearing protectors or ear plugs. REMEMBER, hot iron filings can damage your eyes!

When you are stocked with everything you need, you can start the process.


  1. Using a stationery knife or a scalpel, cut out the stencil along the contour.
  2. Carefully clean the surface of the glass from grease and dirt. The cleaner the glass, the better your picture will be.
  3. Gently stick the stencil to the glass. We try to apply the glue so that it does not stain the uncoated sections of the glass
  4. We find a place where you can safely use a grinder. Do not do this in your room, as this is a noisy and dusty process.
  5. Turn on the grinder and, applying the iron rod to the grinding wheel, begin to fill the figure with a sheaf of sparks. The rod must be kept to the grinding machine so that the distance to the glass is minimal, and a sheaf of sparks hit the surface being machined vertically (at an angle close to 90 degrees).
  6. In order to uniformly fill the picture, we pass through the entire outline of the picture or the inscription on the stencil.
  7. At the end of the drawing, we check the uniformity of the fill and, if you are satisfied, then remove the stencil with warm water and soap.

Additional processing steps:

  • If you want to get a more interesting artistic effect, you can put the glass with the inscription on the wet environment. After a while, the iron melted into the glass will oxidize and your pattern or text will become rusty-red.
  • If you use this glass in the bathroom or out of the house, then to fix the pattern and prevent its further oxidation, you can cover the picture with a thin layer of varnish.

You can see this how the method works in the video below.

Additional media.

Photos of the finished drawing:

Надпись на стекле. Общий вид

Picture 1 of 3

Video with a demonstration of the drawing:


Video with a question to my viewers:


*Forgive me for possible grammatical errors. I’m still improving my English.

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